Thursday, April 07, 2005

MobileTracker - Ride along with a Verizon Wireless test man

If you ever wondered how Verizon actually tested their mobile network, check out this article. They hava some good photographs of the laptops, antennas, software screen shots and that really cool stationwagon. I know I want one.

MobileTracker - Ride along with a Verizon Wireless test man: "By Jon Gales -- Can you hear me now? Ask anyone under thirty the first thing they think of after hearing that phrase and you'll likely hear back Verizon Wireless. For good or evil, the ads portraying a lonely Verizon Wireless employee asking the person on the other line if the connection is good, are everywhere. While the actor in the commercials probably couldn't program his speed dial, I recently rode along with a real Verizon Wireless test man named Levy Rippy. Levy works out of the Temple Terrace office near my home in Tampa, Florida."
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