Sunday, April 17, 2005

Life Stages

When I was young I used to think that when you reached 21 everything sort of stopped then suddenly you hit 55 and everything changed. At 55 you would be old. (By the way I don't think 55 is all that old now.) I did not realize that there was constant change in our minds, emotions and bodies. Study of human growth and development emphasizes the changes of childhood and adolescence. But we constantly change with spurts of dynamic change. Adolescence is one of those periods of dynamic change.

A speaker this weekend, Josiah Bancroft, mentioned that often young people who have to renegotiate their faith as a teen if they make a decision for Christ as a young child of say 5 or 6. He sort of mentioned in passing that often people have to renegotiate their faith when they pass through other stages of life too, say mid-life. It sort of hit me that I have been renegotiating my faith for quite a few months now. It seems that we need to renew our walk with the LORD periodically.


May I be fully yours.

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