Saturday, April 23, 2005

Augustine of Hippo

Not too long ago I listened to a book on tape Saint Augustine by Gary Wells. I had read the "Confessions" and read a little more on the theologian. The book was written from a more historical point of view than one of faith. Gary Wells cleared up some points though for me. The importance of a story about Augustine stealing the pears had never made sense to me. It figures big in paintings about the theologian, but why paint about that story above others. But Wells points out the connection between Augustine's pear stealing and Adam's eating of the forbidden fruit. Wells also helped me out with the chronology of the Augustine's life. "Confessions" is not written as a history but as a book of devotion. Where there is mere speculation on an issue of history or chronology Wells gives a balanced veiw. I recommend this book on tape, CD or audible.

Christian History - Augustine of Hippo - 131 Christians Everyone Should Know: "Timeline
312 Conversion of Constantine
323 Eusebius completes Ecclesiastical History
325 First Council of Nicea
354 Augustine born
430 Augustine dies
451 Council of Chalcedon"
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