Saturday, May 29, 2004

Type Of Intelligence

Which one is your strongest Multiple Intelligence?


Gets a lot out of just reading text. Expresses in both speech and writing with much sense, clarity, effectiveness, efficiency, and insight. Makes a good writer and speaker.

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I think the test is right in regards to my leanings but I just can't cpeighl. It's probably an ogrnazational thing.

I just finished scanning an article called the "Myth of Multiple Intelligence". I looked it over Barnes and Noble in the Inner Harbor. By the way, its a great place to hang out. The author was an educator was pretty critical of the theory. His premise was that the theory did not do much to change education except make for some strange methods of teaching on odd occasion. He points out that all students need to learn spelling and physical ed regardless of their aptitude. There is no reason to learn spelling with a squirt gun, Jello, and sand to make tactile spelling projects. (Yes, I made that last one up.) While this author was very critical of the idea of seven intelligences, I would like to say that teachers and other types of mentors can over look a child's strengths if they don't match the curriculum or the leanings of the teacher. The theory might not do a lot to change teaching methods but it does allow teachers to step back for a second and to not be dismissive of students who do not fit their preferences or natural leanings. A well rounded curriculum does include more than math and language skills. But at the same time we don't have to do silly things to teach simple things. You know my motto: I love to learn.

Thanks Jollyblogger for pointing me to the quiz.
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