Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Nahum - Would We Declare The Judgment Of God

Reading the book of Nahum, I started thinking about his prophecy about the judgment to come on Nineveh. He declares that their sin has caused of the coming doom. I can see how if I were to declare some misfortune to be the result of sin, some people might think I was merely being opportunistic. It is power flexing not declaration of the Word of God that they hear. I have heard a pastor talk about God leading him to start a building program. I find it hard to believe that God was in it since there was no finishing of the project and the pastor left over moral issues. God judges sin, but we have become hesitant to say there is any judgment in this life. We postpone everything to the after life. I see some of our national crisis as judgment which means we need to repent, but declaring that without sounding like a power hungry or delusional prophet is increasingly difficult.
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