Friday, April 01, 2005

Christian Computing Magazine Home Page

I have been on again - off again about reading Christian Computing Magazine. Now I see that they have gone to a digital format. One of the nice things about Chrisitan Computing Magazine is that its focus is practical. They have regular columns about desktop publishing, music and sound systems. These are things that churches do routinely and yet it is often done with out any kind of training that tells a person, what makes a good church bullitin, what makes a good sermon tape. Some times advertisements in the magazine are really as good as the articles. I have yet to see Walmart carry a tape reproduction machine, so how do you purchase those items?

Hat Tip: GBEPC Website

Christian Computing Magazine Home Page: "Christian Computing Magazine has been in print for over 17 years! Now they are offering a special digital version of their magazine for FREE. It is sent to you via e-mail in an HTML format. S"
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