Friday, March 25, 2005

NPR : Librarian's Picks: One-Word Wonders

Very interesting story on NPR about the new trend in publishing, a history of something that you would think is too common place to have a history. I have seen these popping up in bookstores for some time now. Things I wish someone would write a history on are

1. The Tomato
2. The Joke
3. The Plow

I don't think anyone has written books on these topics from the One-Word Wonder perspective.

NPR : Librarian's Picks: One-Word Wonders: "Readers of history have become accustomed to their favorite books having a certain heft to them. But the trend of micro-histories, books that explore a specific -- sometimes absurdly so -- subject in depth, is threatening to leave weighty tomes on bookstore shelves.

From cod to pencils -- or even screwdrivers -- writers are taking an historical approach to subjects that are often overlooked in modern life. But at their best, the books that result can shed light on obscure topics, or provide a new way of looking at history itself.

Librarian Nancy Pearl is the author of a book of recommended reading, and the model for a librarian action figure."
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