Sunday, March 06, 2005

Messy Christian: How I am now; how I was before

Messy Christian has a testimony of her spiritual journey you should go read. It is encouraging to me. In some ways I have gone through a dark night of the soul that I am starting to come out of. God has been trimming me and pruning me. While I'm not one to run toward pain but I do see that pain that trains and transforms is not something to avoid, it is God's blessing for me. But you will be much more blessed to read MC's testimony. Click the link below.
(Oh, by the way, I really like the art she has as an illustration for her post.)

Messy Christian: How I am now; how I was before: "How I am now; how I was before

I realised, as I walked out of church smiling today, that I am much more peaceful than I was a year ago. Happier even, dare I say.

As they say, what a difference a year makes!"
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