Saturday, March 12, 2005

How Armenia "Invented" Christendom - Christian History

Below is a link to a story in Christian History magazine about the beginings of the church in Armenia. While I studied Arabic years ago in California one of my teachers was a Syrian born Armenian, Mr. Attollah. He had a zesty love of learning. His faith was one which had adopted a lot of American Evangelicalism but I think he maintained that his faith was that of a Catholic Armenian.

I found the story below interesting for several reasons. Another is some of the commentary on state-church relations. I do not desire a church supported by our government but we need to be careful about thinking the American system is transcendant, it only one way of many of church and state to relate. If we are to engage culture we must be aware of which principles are transcendant and which are particular to our circumstance.

How Armenia "Invented" Christendom - Christian History: "Tortured for Christ
No man has more stature in the Armenian church today than Gregory the Illuminator. While not the first to bring Christianity to Armenia, Gregory is, at least in the minds of Armenians, the nation's spiritual father and the people's patron saint.

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