Monday, March 14, 2005

Fixing Our Camera and Webshots My Photos

As you probably can see I have added a little JavaScript to my side panel to include my latest three photo albums from Webshots. The three lastest photo albums are Elaine's birthday, Annalee turns 20 and some scenic shots I took on a bicycle ride on Kent Island, Maryland.

We have had a digital camera over three years. A while back we were changing a memory card and pin bent. I tried to find someone to repair the camera. I took it to the store, no luck. They wanted the same amount to fix the camera as a new one costs. I tried to find a way that Canon would repair it. They don't really do that. So I was about to throw the camera away, trash heap it. I decided I will simply try to repair it myself. I got some screw drivers and took the thing apart. I could not get to the pin that was bent even though I had taken it apart quite a bit. I had tried to snag the bent pin with a fishing hook. That did not work. I ended up making a little tool with florist wire and snagged it and bent it back. I sort of wondered what it felt like in days gone by when craftsmen made their own tools. Painters made their own paint. Sort of a cool experience.
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