Friday, March 25, 2005

Building Bridges Between the NGO and Tech Worlds | Linux Journal

I had thought for some time that mission organizations could use open source software to find a more affordable option for technology. Training issues would be the biggest issue that would have to overcome. I think that the group I am linking to is doing that. The only issue I see here is that NGOs are sort of secular version of traditional mercy mission work. I don't know if the NGO focus would be freindly or hostile toward missionaries. I think at least on the surface they would say they are friendly, but I would worry about subtle issues.

Building Bridges Between the NGO and Tech Worlds | Linux Journal: "Building Bridges Between the NGO and Tech Worlds
By Frederick Noronha on Wed, 2005-03-23 00:00.
An interview with an organizer of Asia Source about what NGOs and OSS technology can do for each other.

Stephanie Hankey believes that non-profit organisations need to have a healthier relationship with technology. She has spent seven years working on developing the relationship between NGOs and technology, most recently as part of Tactical Tech. Her work has resulted in an ambitious event--Asia Source--recently held in Bangalore, India's wannabe Silicon Valley. She was one of the main organisers of this event, intended to be a starting point to help build bridges between non-profits and free software.

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