Sunday, March 20, 2005

Bible Time - Bible Software

The SWORD Project

I have been trying to get Bible Time Software installed on my SUSE Linux box for quite some time. Bible Time is a part of The Sword Project. Last night I finally got it to work. The software itself is free and with their open source model, all the versions of the Bible, commentaries and dictionaries are public domain works. Even so, being without my NIV is not a problem. I grew up using the KJV and so it is not all that big a problem. I memorized a lot of scripture in KJV so I'm comfortable there.

Jollyblogger was talking about the fact that blogging can not really make a reformation, a reformation is one of ideology. The movable type printing press revolutionized the nature of the Bible, the rich and the church could own manuscripts, the middle class could own printed materials. The Bible was not common asset, like our space program is own by the nation not individuals. The printing press eventually made the Bible a personal asset, even one that could be given away.

Someone in my seminary classes mentioned that he was not sure the study of Greek was really an asset for the layman. At one time, in depth Bible study was limited to those with a seminary education. The linguistics study was the part that the common layman could not overcome normally. There were and are notable exceptions. Now with Bible software, the software lets someone study languages day in and day out without a high degree of linguistic training.
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