Friday, February 18, 2005

Parableman: Commentary Recommendations

Parableman (a.k.a. straight-talker) has put together a list of commentaries. A recent seminary professor of my said he did not use commentaries. While he probably does not need it, I know I can always use some help when reading scripture. The only commentary I own on Parableman's list is Joyce Baldwin on Daniel, which by the way I like her commentary on 1 Samuel too. The fact that I don't have many on the list probably means I need to buy more commentaries at Parableman's recommendation than anything else.

Thank you Parableman for putting this out there. I will come back to it often.

Parableman: Commentary recommendations: "People often ask me what commentaries I would recommend for a particular book of the Bible. I have a significant commentary library that I constantly refer to, even reading some cover to cover. I also read lots of reviews of commentaries and investigate further purchases through the libraries I have access to and inter-library loan. I have a fair idea of the strengths and weaknesses of different commentaries."
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