Thursday, January 06, 2005

Is it ever ok to express a sinful emotion?

JOLLYBLOGGER - a weblog for jolly beggars: Is it ever ok to express a sinful emotion?

My good friend the Jollyblogger has been meditating on the Psalms. I encourage you to check out some of his thoughts on the Psalms and the emotions expressed in them.

A couple of years ago I was working for an officier who really was emotionally centered. I always thought that men were somewhat more of thinkers and women were feelers. Working with this guy I found out that men are very emotional too. They don't express this through selecting flowered patterns for the bathroom decorations but rather through their all out screaming as a touchdown is made by their favorite NFL team. While working for this officier, the decision process was governed by ego and emotional rush issues. Things were a mess most of the time.

In my earlier comments I expressed a difference in how men and women are emotional creatures. Different subcultures in America are emotional in differently also. The key to communicating the gospel is to communicate accurately the emotional content of the gospel in a way that is culturally relevant.

I think one of the big things that seperates the theologically conservative church from the theologically liberal church is the types of emotions thought to be holy. Often stepping on a few toes is thought to be health in many conservative churches. It is thought to be a good hurt, a challenge that helps. Sort of like that pain after a good workout at the gym. In the liberal churches, this is often interpreted as a form of self-righteousness and pride. In these churches the idea of denouncing a sin is sort of the equivelent to expressing disdain for those outside the group. I genuinely believe there is communication that is misinterpreted by both sides.

The content of the gospel is not just an intellectual one, love is not defined merely by words. Emotion can not be seperated out of love. Often I hear people talk about agape love of God as one that is not based on emotion. His love is merely a decision of the mind. I have no doubt that his mind is involved but his love is warm and giving too. So should be his church.
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