Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Voting Software Review

I went to the polls today with my wife. We had a great walk/jog on a Fall day. I had a good time out and about. The voting machines I think need commenting upon.

On the following webpage from the county there is a page to familarize people with the software.


Some of my observations on the software and hardware.

1. I could see what other people voted. There were no privacy curtains or anything else to keep people from seeing for whom people were casting their votes. Turn the machines away from the lines!

2. Red was the color used to highlight the box for the candidate for whom you voted. Red is usually a color used to say mistake or stop. Pick another color. By the way, red was later used to say their may be a problem in casting your ballot if you did not mark anything.

3. The instructions were way too verbose.

4. The final casting of the ballot was without cerimony. A person stood a slight chance of clicking before they were really finished.
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