Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Thanksgiving Comes Early In The USA

Thank God we can have an election!

1. Our form of government is a blessing. We can keep or toss a leader without resorting to violence.

2. Thank God everyone was civil when the election was close and hours of counting were ticking away.

3. Thank God we have a president who is a faithful Christian. I trust he will ask God to give him wisdom and act morally. He did not run as a Christian candidate but is a Christian who ran to be the president of all Americans regardless of how they exercise their freedom of religion. I think faithful Christians serving in public office and Christian thinkers articulating sound policies based on wisdom and morality is much better than trying to mobilize a grass roots mob of bullies to carry out a "Christian agenda".

4. The election has meaning to the policies of the US, both domestic and foreign. I know President Bush would rather have his legacy be an administration which pushed the American education system to the next level. Instead he will continue to fight the war on terror. In my humble opinion, Bush has shown courage as Commander in Chief. I believe many Americans have forgotten 9/11, I praise the Lord that many other Americans did not forget we are at war. Thank God for President Bush and his courage.
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