Monday, November 22, 2004

Correspondence Of Gen 1-11 and Exod. 13:17-19:2

I'm still reading David A. Dorsey, The Literary Structure Of The Old Testament. I have to say that had I not read the book I would think the section which shows the correspondence between the primevial history (the time before Abraham) and the wilderness journey to be somewhat of a stretch. Basically Dorsey shows how in Hebrew literary structures he uses repetition, especially in patterns of seven and thirteen. In patterns of thirteen, the seventh position is often the highlight. On page 68 he shows the correlations:

1. Both the Red Sea and the creation/flood stories show God's power over the sea.
2. Both the Red Sea and the creation stories show God's powerful use of the wind.
3. Both the Red Sea and the flood stories show God drying the land with the wind.
4. Both the Red Sea and the flood stories show God's power by destroying his enemies and saving his people through the water.

Dorsey has some other subtile differences which I think are aspects of the same. His point is that this is one section (Gen 1:1 through Exo 19:2) as a historical introduction of the law.
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