Friday, November 19, 2004

ABC TV Show LOST - Episode 09: Solitary - Part 2

I was looking forward to some comments on the literary references in Episode 9, I has someone mention last night something I totally missed. Rousseau! Daniell Rousseau was a reference to the philosopher Rousseau.

To quote a website dedicated to Jean-Jacques Rousseau,

Rousseau's profound insight can be found in almost every trace of modern philosophy today. Somewhat complicated and ambiguous, Rousseau's general philosophy tried to grasp an emotional and passionate side of man which he felt was left out of most previous philosophical thinking.

In his early writing, Rousseau contended that man is essentially good, a "noble savage" when in the "state of nature" (the state of all the other animals, and the condition man was in before the creation of civilization and society), and that good people are made unhappy and corrupted by their experiences in society. He viewed society as "articficial" and "corrupt" and that the furthering of society results in the continuing unhappiness of man.

So the woman Daniell Rousseau is a scientist who lives a life of intense passions and is successful living as a savage. The tensions that Sayid had were from living in a corrupt society.

Oh by the way, a reporter from the Indianapolis Star wrote in my comments...

This post is from reporter Abe Aamidor of The Indianapolis Star, at 800-669-7827, extension 6472, and email We are doing a little feature on the popularity of the TV show "LOST" and would like to speak to fans (or critics) of the show from Central Indiana (or with an Indiana connection, if they've moved out of state). Thanks.

Most of you have probably caught that I do not live in Indiana, though I'm sure I would enjoy it. So if you watch LOST, and are from Indiana, give Abe a call.
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