Wednesday, November 17, 2004

ABC TV Show LOST - Episode 09: Solitary

There is a LOST quiz out there. I found it a little too simple and a just four questions long so I did not like it. Okay, I did not like the results! Perhaps you will like it better.

The Sayid episode. I was looking for some sort of literary reference but none was standing out. I did not know the music box tune. Did someone else recognize it? The golf as a tool of civilization seemed to work as means of removing social barriers. As I've written before, I think sports are a good way to build relationships though I'm not athletically inclined. Locke and the Walte seem to build bridges, just not the gentlemen's sport, they like that more outdoorsy stuff. Huntin', knife thrown' and stuff... I think that was supposed to be for contrast. The golf also contrasted with the French woman Daneill's hunting for men. What was the trap for? To catch one of those bears? What did the cable do? Did it have a function going into the ocean?

By the way, having taken Arabic, the Arabic is genuine, both spoken and written, however, the written Arabic looks a little too readable. It looks like something I would have written, not an Arab. Arabs like flowing handwriting. They find it beautiful, I find it hard to read.

The Jollyblogger mentioned to me the theory that each character name is a literary figure:

Jack = Jack and the Bean Stalk
Kate = ?
Charlie = ? Perhaps Charlie and the Chocatlate Factory (Addictions)
Hurley =
Boone = Daneil Boone (He is as much fiction as history).
Shannon = ?
Michael = ?
Walt = Walt Disney
Sayid = ?
Sawyer = Tom Sawyer
Locke = John Locke
Jin = ?
Sun = ?
Claire = ?

Anybody got any suggestions as to how they map?
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