Saturday, September 18, 2004


I went for a walk today. The weather had the after effects of Ivan blowing through the area. The air was refreshing. While doing a Google search for chess clubs in my town I found a Baltimore Sun article on a business that makes warrior figures for some sort of fantesy game. I was surprised to find a factory in my town that I had not heard of it. I looked at the Verizon website for its location, 6721 Baymeadow Drive Glen Burnie, MD 21060-6401. The Verizon map showed it just .6 miles from my house. "Strange," I thought, "with it that close I would have surely walked by it sometime." I went searching for it where Verizon said it was, no luck. I later found out it was in a business park which makes more sense than in a residential neighborhood. I often find mistakes in maps. I think it really shows navigation skills when one can look at the map and figure out, that is not right. Of course new streets, changing roads, new buildings and a host of other things make a map incorrect. When we go through life people look at the Bible sort of like a map. But in reality it is just the opposite. When we come up to a location and we don't happen to find what is written on the map, perhaps the map is wrong. When we deal with issues in our life and we are not finding the answers we are looking for in scripture, it is not the same. God gives a transcending revelation through His Son and in His Word the Bible. We may not be reading the Bible right or we might be putting to much emphasis on our own particulars.
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