Thursday, September 16, 2004

Student of Theology

Recently Joe Missionary had someone say that he was Joe Missionary, not Tom Theologian. Joe took issue with that. I have to say that I want all our missionaries to be theologians at some level. Joe pointed out that all Christians need to be theologicans at some level. Not to take issue with Joe at all, but just to talk about the phrase "doing theology". Not to be the language police but I think "doing theology" somewhat implies that theology is something that originates with us. We do it. In reality, Christian theology is the study of the Bible and then ensuring that we are consistent in how we interprets it. The way that is done is to ensure our definitions are clear and accurate. Then we make sure we are consistent and logical in our teaching of scripture. Revelation in the Bible did not originate with us. Theology is something we study, not something we create.
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