Sunday, September 12, 2004

Programmers Day

In celebration of Programmers Day, I've decided to post on Bible software.

Reuben Gomez has a blog on which he reviews Bible Software, Bible Software Review Weblog. He seems to be more academically minded and less popular minded but his website and his blog have useful and interesting information.

By the way, the Bible software that I have used are Online Bible and Sword. Sword is my current package I use. My Windows version works fine. My Linux version is having problems. I probably need to down load the most recent version.

For the uninitiated Bible software has two things that it can do for you. The first is a place to record your thoughts on passages in a very systematic fashion. This feature is the most important and yet least advertised. It is almost always buried as write your own commentary. Of course most of us are not writing our own commentary but writing notes. The second feature is to automate using reference material. Reference material comes in the form of cross reference lists, dictionaries, comparison of various translations, concordance and commentaries. Most people who study the Bible can only afford to buy a few of these, and then only afford the time to look at a couple of these resources. Bible software really speeds up the process of finding the information in the reference works and allows the student to spend their time contemplating the meaning of the text and less time flipping pages. If you have not tried to any Bible software to prepare sermons, Bible lessons or simply study the Word, I encourage you to try one of the free versions.

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