Thursday, September 30, 2004

Presidential Debates

The debates verdict - no big over turn.

The Kerry's strongest point was bringing up nuclear proliferation. Bush seemed to agree with Kerry, lost the initiative for a while. Kerry's weakest point was that he did not flip flop. Declaring it so does not make it so. Probably the most ridiculous statements coming from Kerry's mouth were coalition, coalition, coalition.....well, Honorable Mr. Kerry neither you not President Bush control other country's policy and passion. Coalitions are something that may or may not work out. Oh by the way, I checked out the Kerry plan in Iraq. It is a "I can do the same things your are doing but make them central to my campaign." Kerry policy in Iraq is saying pretty much the same things that are being done now.

Bush's strongest point was clearly stating his policies and sticking to his guns. He handled the "character assassination" question rather well. He made some light hearted remarks about Kerry's Yale alumni status. He was at his worst when he smirked and frowned. Smile a little. Bush made some good points by talking about the "same intelligence" was available to both of them. He made sure that he did not appear to have exclusive or executive privilege. Instead it is a matter of how do you use that intelligence. He also did well by using foreign leader names. It showed competence in that arena. President Bush did okay.
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