Sunday, September 05, 2004

Old Testament Projects

There were not enough students to make a class for Old Testament. I'm the only one doing Old Testament I and so the seminary offered to let me do it as independent study. That means I have to do some projects which make up for the lack of class time. Here are some projects I'm considering. If anyone has advise as to which of these they think I should do, I would appreciate your input.

1. Purchase the lectures from ITS on the Pentateuch. Laird Harris from Covenant Seminary is the lecturer. Listen to these.

2. Translate 1 or 2 chapters apiece from the six books of the OT covered by the course.

3. Write a paper about a contemporary issue on the Pentateuch. I've done papers in the past on JEDP and I have read all I care to on the creation story. (I'm a six day , 24 hour day, creationist who does not want to be too narrow with others who may differ and yet keep the integrity of scripture in tact.) I'm not sure of any contemporary issue which is relevant. So this is a little problematic and I would have to find a research library if I did not pick a topic that had a lot of material on the Internet.

4. Write a Pentateuch curriculum for an Officer Training class. My idea is to use PowerPoint slides, and an intensive use of the notes feature. It would be 15 lessons covering the topic at the Continuing Adult Education level.

I'm thinking of picking two of these. Again any suggestions as to which of these are best, I would appreciate the input.
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