Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Joe Missionary: What Is A Missionary

Joe Missionary has some interesting thoughts on the definition of a missionary. In the end he says that both home and foreign missionaries are good. He emphasizes that we should not put missionaries up on pedestal. I like his post and agree, especially on the issue that we should not create layered system of a Christian, a saved-n-sanctified Christian, a wholly sanctified, ....., ta-dah; THE MISSIONARY! This is true, however, the mandate to "make disciples of all nations" must not become usurped by an over summarization of what he said. While there is no difference in the individual soul of someone overseas and someone on the home mission field, there a sense when God is especially glorified when His gospel is spread through out the world. He is especially glorified when His name is spoken by every tribe, tongue and nation. This is not a more important ministry, but it is obedience to the specific call and will of God as expressed in the scripture. It is like the glory given to God when one generation praises His name to another. It's that His glory transcends time, social barriers and geography.
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