Thursday, December 29, 2005

Wired News: Biggest Discoveries of 2005

Wired says that the Biggest News story in 2005 is that Katrina and Asian tsunami were caused by global warming. Did I miss something here? Seriously, I thought that the tsunami was caused by an earth quake below the ocean, not global warming. Katrina was a hurricane that I guess one could say was connected to global warming however, there have been large destructive hurricanes before global warming. Again, perhaps I missed the biggest discovery of the year.

Wired News: Biggest Discoveries of 2005: "1. It's getting hot in here: Thanks to the Asian tsunami and Hurricane Katrina, global warming can no longer be ignored. There's no doubt about it: Earth's climate is heating up. But is it part of the planet's natural climate cycle, or man-made? That's the question. More than 150 nations are willing to do something about it and propose to reduce greenhouse gases. But China and the United States, two of the heaviest-polluting nations, refuse to participate. What will it take to engage the United States -- the drowning of another major city?
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