Monday, December 19, 2005

Bookstore Adventure

My good friend the Jollyblogger and I went on an bookstore adventure today. I know for most people going to a bookstore is not an adventure, but neither of us is what you might call average. (Or perhaps we are easily amused. I'm not sure.) The bookstore is in Dallastown, PA which was a nice drive up I-83 north of Baltimore. One of by biggest complaints about Christian bookstores these days is that all they have is the mass media Christian market. Jolly says that most Christian bookstores do have some things that are suitable for study, that is the CD's which are good to listen to while you study. (Read that with a jovial tone, because it was not snarky in tone.) Hearts and Minds is a refreshingly different. They have substantive commentaries, theological works from a diverse points of view, and even a book or two on stainable agriculture. Byron and Beth Borger are knowledgeable about the books they sell. When I have asked for some suggestions, I did not get just one book, I got several choices. I actually had choices that mattered. I think I will be returning with my book loving wife in tow.
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