Thursday, December 29, 2005

Barna Trends for 2005

It seems all the news media has developed "Man of the Year" and summary stories at years end. Declarations of the best and worst abound. In truth, for most people the mediocre is what is experinced. (Okay, perhaps you do live a copy of Martha Stewart Living by your bed side and start each day by exercising your horse, then follow that up with a breakfast jelly made peaches you grew and picked yourself and homemade bread, but I just had coffee and oatmeal.) What is normal for a lot of people can be called a trend. Trends are not alway spectacular, but I think you can act on it if you desire to do so.

Welcome to The Barna Group!: "Barna Reviews Top Religious Trends of 2005

December 20,2005

Trends Related to Churches

Ignoring reporters’ questions about church growth figures by stating, “church attendance is grossly overrated as a measure of anything that is spiritually significant,” the researcher instead offered four factors that he described as “indicative of the reshaping of the church in the U.S.”" Click on the link to get to the rest...
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