Sunday, October 30, 2005

Student punished for blog entry -

First I have to say that anyone is subhuman, regardless of the moral behavior, either genuinely fails to understand what a human is, or it is insulting. I wonder what the school sanctioned means of talking the issue actually is? Perhaps they should publish guideline for taking a controversal position. (End of sarcasm)

Student punished for blog entry - "Ryan Miner says he's willing to risk expulsion rather than write a 10-page essay as ordered by Duquesne University.

The essay on the pros and cons of homosexuality is not homework. It's punishment for his derogatory comments about gays and lesbians -- he called them 'subhuman' in a blog -- and the sanctions have divided Duquesne's campus.

'I believe as a student that my First Amendment rights in the Constitution were subverted and attacked,' said Miner, 19, a sophomore from Hagerstown, Md.

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