Thursday, July 21, 2005

Reflections of the Times

Trolling the blog-o-sphere and I came across this post on homeschooling and socialization. We homeschool and of course all flaws that my family has can be attributed to this malidy called homeschooling. (end of sarcasim) I would say two of my children are introverts and two are extroverts and I don't know on my youngest. It does seem that extroverts often feel that their disposition is the only way that is healthy. By the way, I am in the middle on the introvert-extrovert scale. So is my wife.

Reflections of the Times: "I read a post today at Letter' Rip called Pious and Reclusive for Christ. The author Susanna had alot of great things to say about the way Christian parents should raise their children, to be powerful witnesses for Christ - but then she added:

'Let us show them what it means to passionately share their faith, love and reach out to others that we would not raise kids who are pious and reclusive for the savior of the world.' (emphasis mine)

I must say, reading the title of her post, and that one comment, bothered me all afternoon.

I tried to reply at her blog but the first one disappeared into the cyber-round-file after I hit enter, and the second one only partially posted - so it doesn't even make sense.

So I will elaborate/vent here." Follow the link to get more of her thoughts.
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