Tuesday, July 26, 2005

100 Things About Me

It seems to be a well known thing to blog about. Since someone else I know has written one, I have decided to write one too.

1. My wife and I have five daughters.
2. I grew up hardly ever traveling.
3. I love traveling.
4. I joined the Army for just one tour to get college money.
5. I spent a whole career in the Army.
6. I have taken classes at four, soon to be five, seminaries.
7. I hate to compete.
8. I challenge authority based on what I see as principles.
9. My favorite sports activities are lone activities.
10. My height is 5 foot, 9 ½ inches. If I'm dehydrated or tired I'm closer to 5'9'', if I'm well rested and hydrated, I'm closer to 5'10''.
11. Green is my favorite color.
12. As a child I wanted to be a scientist.
13. I like to read non-fiction biographies, histories and linguistics.
14. I like interpreting statistics.
15. I once made a collage of maps from places I had visited. The collage covered my entire cubical at work. People did not know what to think of it.
16. I have repelled from a helicopter.
17. I did not have a birth certificate until I was almost 40 years old.
18. I once had trouble convincing a group of Algerian guest workers in Frankfurt, Germany that I was an American. They thought Americans can't speak Arabic.
19. I helped develop the software test plan for the Bible translators software “Speech Works”.
20. I have had stitches on my right eye, left hand, left cheek, stomach twice, on my lower lip and in my mouth.
21. I prefer to take out my own stitches.
22. I have slept outside at 40 below zero in a tent and no heater.
23. I have given someone an IV. (Any one care to let me demonstrate again?)
24. I have a hard time memorizing things but an easy time learning things.
25. One of my most useful classes in high school turned out to be gym class.
26. I did not know I had eye problems until I took my driving test.
27. I did not know I had a birth defect on my eye until I was in my 30s.
28. My favorite animal is the turtle.
29. I have read the Bible through several times.
30. I have translated at least 17 chapters of the Bible from the original Greek and Hebrew.
31. I have read about a quarter of the New Testament in Arabic.
32. I have written a journal for years. I tend to write the same things over and over again.
33. My wife once gave me a bullet as a present. I still have it. It was an antique Civil War mini.
34. I drove my car at over 100 miles per hour once. It was night in a secluded area. (Kids don't try this at home.)
35. I have jogged way over 1000 miles.
36. I'm not very athletically gifted.
37. My goals are not always realistic.
38. I received the Louie Armstrong Jazz Award in High School with my best friend Tim Word. I think we were the only ones to ever share the prize. If I had a choice in it I would give it to Tim. (Tim went on to study music at Bob Jones University. I have not seen Tim in years.)
39. Also while I was in High School, I received the Best Citizen Award from a local civic club in my home town.
40. Some of my best work has never received recognition.
41. I like public transportation because I like people watching. Trains, planes and buses!
42. My favorite music has to be instrumental jazz.
43. I learned to appreciate 'Manhattan Transfer' while on the exercise 'Brim Frost' in Alaska.
44. I started reading murder mysteries because my wife is an avid reader.
45. I have no desire to read Harry Potter.
46. I make enemies easily, I have a hard time making friends.
47. My favorite painters are the Impressionists.
48. I also like the landscape paintings of Fredrick E. Church.
49. I once attended a formal event in D.C. in jeans.
50. I'm embarrassed by my spelling and grammar mistakes.
51. I do not hear a big difference in short vowels, I really have to work at it.
52. I shook hands with the singer-song writer Keith Green once.
53. I met Missouri Senator John Danforth at a funeral.
54. I felt a lot of rejection as a child. I thought it was probably just feelings of inadequacy until as an adult I needed a proof of citizenship for a passport. I read some fairly hostile words in my school records from a teacher.
55. I have suffered two periods of depression, one as a child and one as an adult. The first followed the divorce of my parents, the second was following death of a vision.
56. One of my biggest joys in life is raising kids.
57. I snore. (Sometimes.)
58. I sleep because I have to, not because I want to.
59. I am allergic to shellfish.
60. The song 'Route 66' has special meaning for me since I grew up along that highway.
61. I get hurt by people because I assume good of people.
62. I like to read magazines.
63. My first magazine subscription was to 'Campus Life', a Christian magazine written for youth.
64. I still find my wife a very interesting and engaging person.
65. I have read 'Robert's Rules of Order'.
66. I still have my vinyl albums from my teen years.
67. I have nothing to play them on.
68. I have an older brother and a younger sister.
69. I basically try to live debt free.
70. I am an aggressive learner.
71. I have briefed three star Generals.
72. I don't sense other people's emotions well at all.
73. Other people see me as averse to risk but I am drawn to taking risk.
74. Gambling does not seem glamorous to me.
75. Investments in the stock market sound intriguing to me.
76. I don't have enough money to really invest in a big way.
77. I have been attempting to build a monetary inheritance for my children for 20 years.
78. My home is my biggest investment.
79. I have a whole year beyond college that is not a part of any program of study.
80. I have 33 hours of masters credit beyond that.
81. I learn things best by teaching them to myself. Class room study functions best for me to fill in the gaps and re-enforce the basics.
82. I would like to be a pastor-missionary but we will see what God has in store.
83. Singing Handel's Messiah is a great memory of Christmas for me.
84. I read music but I can't sing harmony by ear.
85. Portable devices like PDAs, iPods, and laptop computers fascinate me.
86. I knew four of my great-grandparents. All were born in the 1800s. They were a fun connection with history.
87. I prefer virtual geocaching to finding a traditional cache. That is I prefer to find a historical or interesting location that has been designated as a geocache.
88. I like to explore new foods and find hole in the wall restaurants when I travel.
89. I find Mexican restaurants in the American southwest very interesting.
90. I really like an authentic breakfast burrito.
91. One of my favorite foods are hot dogs.
92. I'm sorry to say they still are.
93. I like museums.
94. I would like to create my own private museum sometime.
95. My favorite museum to visit was the Guttenburg museum in Mainz, Germany.
96. I functioned as the printer in a demonstration of the Guttenburg press.
97. I enjoy visiting cathedrals. I think they are sort of a museum often times.
98. I like to learn. I don't understand why everyone does not share that passion.
99. I believe the heavens and the earth were created in six days. I'm not sure what to think about the apparent age of the universe.
100. I'm not sure why God is gracious to me.
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