Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Transforming Sermons: Nuts and bolts: Effective PowerPointing

My blogging buddy over at Transforming Sermons, Milton Stanley, has linked to some tips on using MS PowerPoint. He mentions that he feels PowerPoint should not be a part of preaching. While I usually agree with Milton, I have to say I have been thinking preaching should include PowerPoint. Here are my reasons why.

1. The written word would re-enforce the spoken word.
2. Public reading of the word of God would be enhanced by a projection of the text on a screen. This would especially helpful when making cross-references. Preachers often face the decision, how much flipping from text to text creates confusion instead of clarity. With the passage projected on the screen you would not have repeat the reference time and again and wait for interested people to get there.
3. Asthetics are important, but projection of the words would keep the visuals content and word centric.
4. Maps, photographs and diagrams could be used, if done elegantly.
5. This would help me start my new business of writing preventing slides for pastors. (Just joking.)

By the way, to me the PowerPoint screens should not be in the center of the room. A large church over in Silver Spring, MD has screens on the left and right side of the sanctuary. This is best so that the emphasis is still on the pulpit ministry, not become entertainment via preventing.

Transforming Sermons: Nuts and bolts: Effective PowerPointing: "Work Smart offers Five Rules for Better preventing Presentations:

1. Don't give PowerPoint center stage.
2. Create a logical flow to your presentation.
3. Make your presentation readable.
4. Remember, less is more.
5. Distribute a handout.

That looks like pretty good advice to me. I don't care much for using PowerPoint in preaching, but in many cases I find it very helpful for teaching, especially if we follow rule number one (Hat tip: Smart Christian blog)."
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