Monday, June 20, 2005

NPR is Unbiased In Its Reporting: Hear All About It

On my way to work I listen to NPR, WETA which broadcasts out of D.C. I have about eight news websites I pick up regularly. One of those is NPR. I think they have high quality of journalism and really interesting stories. However, I have heard many stories in recent months from NPR saying how objective and unbiased they are. I can't help but laugh at the thought. These stories are running because U.S. House actions to cut funding to NPR. A lot of phrases are being used to characterize this, but often this story is put in terms of political power using the budget to stop accountability. I'm not sure I can ever call NPR objective, nor can I tell where accountability for conservatives ends and opposition against conservatives begins. If there is a difference between these, why come so close to the line so that the poor uneducated masses can't tell which side of the line you are on. (end of sarcasim)

It's complex to classify my views but simplistically, I'm a conservative on Christian theology and moral issues. Middle of the road on fiscal issues. Support innovation and change on a lot of other issues. I just have a hard time seeing how NPR can say with a straight face that they are not liberal leaning in their positions. They attempt but fail in presenting a conservative view of a story. I enjoy listening to NPR and will continue, but a fight for survival is no excuse to fabricate stories about unbias reporting.

If you think NPR is unbiased I would like to hear you comments as to why. If you agree with me I would like to hear that too.
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