Sunday, June 26, 2005

Letting Theological Education Run Loose and Far

Yesterday I wrote a blog post on how we should focus on
deregulating education instead of backing a particular
system. (And for that matter, we should focus on
innovation in education rather than trying to get
three or four systems to get along.) Someone who has
the done some innovative thinking and doing in the
seminary education field is Richard Pratt at Third Millennium
. Dr. Pratt is a professor at Reformed
Theological Seminary (RTS) in Florida who is
developing curriculum for pastors in English, Spanish,
Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), and Russian. In order to
get a degree the materials must be used by an
institution, however, he is not trying to solve
everyone's problem everywhere by creating a new
perfect system, Third Millennium is trying to fill a

This is just one effort to see innovation in
education. We should develop others. Will someone
please be innovative when it comes to Bible education
for this generation of children.
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