Sunday, June 19, 2005

Joe Missionary: Theology Thursday: Big Fat Sinning Slobs

As America is gaining weight as a total society Joe Missionary has some personal reflections and spiritual insights which are helpful. I struggle with weight control myself and find his commentary helpful. You can't read the whole enchilada here so follow the links.

Joe Missionary: Theology Thursday: Big Fat Sinning Slobs: "Theology Thursday: Big Fat Sinning Slobs

I find it interesting that there seems to be a hierarchy of sins. I think it's natural. In fact, while acknowledging that a sin is a sin in the sight of God, I would suggest that there are two classes of sins; those that affect other people directly and those that affect the sinner directly. Those that affect others directly, such as murder, adultery and the like, tend to be thought of as 'bigger' sins than the self-impacting sins of pride, covetousness, etc.

One sin in the latter category that, in my opinion, most Christians don't even want to discuss is the sin of gluttony. The American Heritage Dictionary defines gluttony as 'Excess in eating or drinking.'"
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