Saturday, June 18, 2005

In Need Of A Strategy

I love missions because it combines the study of cultures of the world, linguistics, preaching the Word of God, mercy ministry and strategy. Of course the foundation of missions is not my affection for study but God's command. I think the idea of a strategy for missions was foundational to Paul's thinking on missions but he never calls it that. He says he preaches to the Gentiles so that the Jews will be jealous to hear the message. He plans which churches he needs to visit. He plans to visit Rome way before he gets there. He plans to go on to Spain some time, but I don't think he ever got there. He seeks to use needs such as the famine in Jerusalem to bind the Gentile and Jewish members of the church together. Paul was a strategiest.

Business planning, investing, games and sports are areas that people of that people use their gift (or lack there of) in order to create and use strategy. I don't have a business, I don't have the comprehensive organizational skills. My investment strategies are simple and merger. I just don't have the income to through a lot into investing. So I'm happy to my my home my biggest investment. Sports offer a dilima for me. I'm not good at most sports and when I play, I have a hard time implimenting any sort of a strategy. So I gravitate toward sports which are more participatory, such as cycling and running.

I question what kind of a strategy I should impliment in my ministry. Should I minister here in the US or overseas? Should I pastor a small church or get on staff with a larger church as an associate? Urban or rural?

Having found the limits of my abilities in recent years through some failure, I'm sort of paralized in my vision. I'm hesitant to embrace a vision to even pray about. Without vision there is no strategy.



I want to serve you. I do not want to give up. Give me the strength to stand alone when others oppose the vision you give. Give me the winsomeness to explain the vision you give me to others. Help me to use the talents and gifts you have given me to expand your kingdom here on earth.

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