Friday, June 17, 2005

ESV Bible Blog » Blog Archive » Ask the Translators #1 Answers Contest

It is interesting to me that Adrian Warnock has gotten this going. I encourage you to go over and check it out. I wish I had thought of it.

ESV Bible Blog » Blog Archive » Ask the Translators #1 Answers Contest: "For the next seventeen weekdays (starting tomorrow, June 15, 2005), we’ll be featuring answers to the questions asked by blogger Adrian Warnock of the ESV translators. Most answers feature a video of a member of the Translation Oversight Committee answering the question, as well as a transcript of the answer. The answers will also appear on Adrian’s site along with his commentary.

We have seventeen answers for ten questions because some questions have multiple parts, and in other cases different TOC members address the questions a little differently.

We won’t be taking comments on our posts, but we do want to encourage discussion of the answers. Therefore, if you leave a comment or trackback on one (or more) of Adrian’s posts that discusses the answers, you’ll be eligible to win any ESV Bible published by Crossway that has a list price of US$99.99 or less."
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