Thursday, September 02, 2004

WOW Hits 2004 Video DVD

My wife bought me the WOW Hits 2004. I like music videos. I don't beleive 'the video killed the radio', but I do like music videos, and beside they are better to work out with. The best video on this is the Newsboys -- He Reigns. In it they show little of the artists faces, so perhaps to mean that they are giving the glory to God and not themselves. The beach pre-dawn darkness given in to a sun rise makes for a great video environment. The supporting cast of internationals who are beleivers from around the world giving praise to our God and King works also. I really enjoyed the music itself before I even saw the video. The up beat description of the praise from every nation, tribe and tongue is something that makes my heart sing with the boys. Next to the Newsboys is ZOEgirl. Hey, boys and then girls... Anyway, ZOEgirl also wins for its selection of environment. Costumes are styling but modest. My biggest disappointment is from Stacie Orrico. I'm not sure what she is doing there with her song Stuck. It seems to be a teen love song which did not work as a teen love song. Are we trying market diversity??????
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