Saturday, August 14, 2004

Never Heard Of Course On How To Be A Waitress

This started out as a long comment on Joe Missionary's blog. I wrote too much and the length was rejected by Halo comments. That's fine not a complaint. Just explaining why it sounds like a comment, not a posting.

Some things are learned informally. A lawyer is taught law at law school, but taught about performing in the court through on the job training. I have yet to see a single christian book on how to conduct the perfect funeral. Pastors learn this by 1.) attending funerals 2.) figuring out how they think it should be done. Other than that, no one is really systemizing the tricks of the trade. One area that has been the realm of mothers and fathers but has been intruded upon is the area of childhood discipline. Don't get me wrong the books are fine, I've read them and will read more books on simular topics. I'm just saying that in reality there is a certain amount of trial and error and wisdom that must be passed from one generation to another. Energetic children are often the off spring of parents who were the same way. Often the parent knows the child's tendencies because they had the same issues. Shy and retiring children are not pushed because their parents dealt with the same issues. However, not uncommonly, a parent has a different disposition than his or her children, then he does need some help figuring out the issues particular to his child. But usually there are family members with the same tendencies. What I'm getting at is the information, techniques and strategies for dealing children are tailored to the characteristics of the family when insight are taught one generation to another rather than from the experts. Having said that, again, it sounds like a good book. Sounds like helpful advise.
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