Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Liberal Or Conservative

My good friend the Jollyblogger has been discussing the fact that someone used the "L" word in a discription of him. It is not clear what was meant and it seems that our presbytery, if I understand it correctly, is forming a committee of scholars to investigate the grammatical-historical significance of the use of the hyphen in New Zealand super-lapsarian discussions of post-modern doctrinal position on diversity. I think they are specializing their study on the usuage of the hyphen by bearded sign writers in the 1999 time frame or something. (Perhaps I've misread all that, check it out for yourself.)

Besides that, my daughter asked me yesterday whether we were liberal or conservative. That surprized me. She had a friend over who had just come back to a George W. rally and was all excited about the election. While I vote conservative, to me it is more important that the American free election system exist. If the American two party system was to go away, I beleive it would be a great loss. Also, I have to be careful that my daughters don't get too dark a picture about their relatives who are staunch Democrates. So I told my daughter, there are two types of conservatives; social conservatives and fiscal conservatives. I'm both.
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