Monday, August 23, 2004


My wife and I got away this past weekend to Delaware. We have been married for 21 years. Since the girls have gotten older, the older ones can care for the younger for a weekend. It's nice. I thought we were going to have trouble finding lodging however, it worked out. The Lord blessed us by helping us find Deep Branch Retreat. Bob and Deb Dickie have the nicest B and B. While Barbara loved their French toast dish, I favored the Mexican style eggs and sausage. I'm probably would mess up the recipe name so I'll leave that out, but it was taste nonetheless. They buy the spice from a local restaurant owner who imports the spice from Mexico.

During the days we traveled into the Rehoboth Beach and Lewes (pronounced Lewis) but spent most of our time at the Cape Henlopen State Park.

The first day we played Disc Golf at Cape Henlopen. The course is said to be craaazzzy, and it is. There is no way to throw directly to the holes because of the dunes and pines. We decided to make it a nine-hole course for us since after an hour and fifteen minutes, that was enough walking and we were not making par. But we had fun. The Atlantic waters were as cold as the disc golf course was hot. I starting reading a book on The Chess Artist. I'm enjoying it. It combines travel stories, history and of course facts about chess. The travel and history are probably connecting better with me than some of the other content.

The second day we went to Henlopen again but this time on the Rehoboth Beach side. Before we reached the park we saw the strangest bicycle. It had four wheels and the two peddlers sat side by side. Sort of a rickshaw, sort of a car, sort of a bicycle built for two. I was trying to drive but I saw it out of the corner of my eye. I thought, that dad is working hard to push that bike up the hill. Barb said, “That looks like Jeff Haynie." It was Jeff and Stacy Haynie with Conner and Ethan. I beeped, they stopped, and we talked. Small world story.

The third day we went to church at New Covenant Presbyterian. Our former pastor was Rev. Larry Wanaselja. He now pastors the church in the Beach community. He blessed us with an excellent message on vision. By the way, if you go to the link I provided, you can see the gift our church had given him prominently displayed in his office. Pastor Larry sort of has his own blog going on his church web site called Daily Musings. His posting on "A Fraternity" for August 23, 2004 was something I could relate to quite a bit.

We were far from our home, but we found some of our friends from home. It was strange to see people that we knew from Glen Burnie in a serendipitous fashion. When we decided on the beach get away, I did not know the connections we would find. God is in control of the events, and the relationships in our lives.
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