Friday, August 13, 2004

Both Stars And The Meek In The Body Of Christ

As I look at the sports which will be a part of the Olympic competition I see a lot of things which are not normally thought of as serious sports. There is table tennis. I remember table tennis as ping-pong and is best played in a church basement. I like ping-pong because it allows for theological discussion while trying to keep the ball in motion. People who are too serious about the game don't get the benifits of the theological aspects of ping-pong. Badminton is one of those sport most people know more from the birdie and its odd shape rather than anything else. I had a gym teacher who taught us the game as a serious sport, on the level of basketball or football. My wife continues to insist that it is more on the level of tiddly-winks. I think she should play and find out if she likes it. But if the Olympics can have these two favorite sports of mine, why can't they have Frisbee (tm) Golf. The official name for the sport is actually disc golf, but I have to call those things frisbees (tm). What would the Olympics be without these more colorful sports options? I would think that it would be less than the Olympics. Sure in one sense it is difficult to put ping-pong gold medal on the same level as setting a world record for the 100 meter dash, but it is indeed an accomplishment and an athletic one at that.

Just as there are various sports, some odd, some well known, which make up the Olympics so the body of Christ is made up of some folks who are different and yet they have their own place in the body. Church growth literature often borrows from the world of business marketing and business leadership processes. However one area that is different in the church from business realm is that the church does NOT recruit only the most talented people. The church wants both the best and brightest and the humble and meek. Both those with money and those with a "fixed income". The church is not trying to find all basketball players from the NBA. Rather the church needs both the badminton player and the soccer player.
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