Sunday, June 21, 2015

Prayer of Repentance

Dear Jesus the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world,

               We praise you and thank you that you did not just die for some of our sins but you took away completely our sin if we trust in you.  Lord as a body of evangelicals we are guilty of often confessing our personal faults and our sins as an individual and though our individual sins create disharmony, suffering, disorder, and cut off our relationship with you, we recognize particularly our corporate sins as a church, as a nation, and as a people today. We also realize that through our corporate sins we have created unjust systems, unjust advantages, and suffering not just those in our immediate social circle but upon many in far reaching corners that we cannot seeing.  Forgive us where we have not taught against and opposed racism.  Forgive us where we have not sought peaceful protection of the unborn.  Forgive us where we have not given an uplifting hand to those burdened with systemic disadvantage.  Forgive us where we have had no concern for the stewardship of your creation, sometimes call our environment.  For these and other corporate sins we ask your forgiveness. 

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