Thursday, August 22, 2013

New Chapters

I'm starting my last semester of seminary, or that is what appears to be on the horizon.  We never know where God will take us.  I started down the path to study for the ministry in 1981.  I may finish here in 2013.  Usually it takes about seven years to complete the process, but I have lengthened that exceedingly.  It has been exceedingly frustrating at times, but I needed some time to mature.  I needed some time to get some experience.  When I complete the process, I will still be in process.  The next steps are to seek a flock to shepherd and preach the Word of God. 

Here is what I have learned by taking so long to complete seminary:

1.  Academic rigor is best kept in the back room and pulled out only when there is a problem.

2.  Seminary does not really teach ministry.

3.  Seminary does not cull those who should not be doing ministry.

4.  It is hard to tie your shoe when your still walking.

5.  Taking one class at a time helps you learn thoroughly.

6.  Taking one class at a time really, really slows things down too much.

7.  Endurance isn't for sissies.

8.  In hind sight, I could have sped up the whole process by a number of years by having clearer goals and decisive thinking.

9.  We must not let academics make the Bible, prayer and ministry inaccessible.  

10.  God has given me all that I need.

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