Thursday, May 17, 2012

Some of My Theological Values

Reformed Theology (Five Point Calvinist) - God is the author of salvation. He moves and acts in ways that are a mystery to us. He saves us without merit on our own. We cannot save ourselves.

Regulative Principle in Family Life, Church Government, Worship, and Ethics - God governs our practices as well as our teachings.

Intellectually Engaged - Faith is coherent.

Historical-Grammatical method of Hermeneutics - The historical-grammatical method is a Christian hermeneutical method that strives to discover the Biblical author's original intended meaning in the text.

Spirit Led; Spirit Empowered - All Christians receive the Holy Spirit at regeneration. He teaches them and enables them for service.

No Small People - Regardless of social position, talent, ability and aptitude God has made each person we meet special in some unique way.

Cultural Mandate (Neo-Calvinism) - All of life, both things commonly counted as sacred and things counted as secular, are to be approached from a Biblical world view by the Christian. It is not an evangelism experiment but living life.

Great Commission Focused - God has blessed all nations through his chosen one the Messiah. We are to declare this good news.

Multigenerational Blessing of the Covenant - God sanctifies families. The covenant is to be passed from one generation to the next.

Application Oriented, Expository Preaching - We are to preach the Bible and not our own ideas. Since the Bible puts an emphasis on being a doer of the Word and not just a hearer, the preaching must be clearly focused on application.

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