Saturday, January 02, 2010

New Year with the Daily Audio Bible

I make goals for the year, as you may know, I don't really prefer to do resolutions for the New Year. As a part of spiritual growth work out plan, I have made it a goal to listen to the Daily Audio Bible. It is not my intention to listen to it everyday. I think that would be too lofty of a goal since I am going to be reading the Bible for myself too. So if I can get some DAB in two or three times a week, I think that would be great. I encourage you to consider checking out this resource.

Five Reason the DAB is Cool!
1. Brian reads from the heart.
2. You get a new version of the English Bible each week.
3. Hearing it read gives you a different perspective from reading it from the page.
4. It is prayerfully pursued.
5. It really is about being a part of the Christian family.

You can get to DAB via their website, iTunes, and many other ways. Check them out.
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