Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Union Grove, WI

Some of my observations from spending a few days in a small town in the Midwest.

1. There is a lot of kids just out and about in free exploration. There is nothing wrong so they don't need to be coraled.

2. There are a lot of small parks in the neighborhoods. The town expects kids to be out and about.

3. There are a lot of people out walking. It is a village. People can walk to the services that they need. (See points one and two)

4. There are A LOT of church and A LOT of bars. There is also a Masonic lodge, but I am not sure whether I should group that with the church or the bar. There is also an American Legion, I think that one gets grouped with the bars.

5. Every one waves.

6. Every one is genuinely friendly. They don't care that they don't know me.

7. Though there are several business properties that are unoccupied there seem to be a lot of healthy businesses. Even though there are only 4,000 people in the village, there is a car dealership.

8. There seems to be no town industry but everything is economically healthy. Perhaps rearing healthy families is the main industry.

9. There seems to be no town industry but there is no clamoring for tourist dollars.

10. There main commodity for sale seems to older homes. The newer ones have already been bought.

11. There seems to be a great cross section of young and old in the population.

12. The weather is nice and cool though we are approaching the 4th of July.

13. The 4th of July is huge here.

14. I see flags every where.

15. The cool weather with enthusiastic patriotism make the 4th of July that is great and authentic.
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