Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Psalms Chanted or Sung

My wife turned me onto this site. They have MP3 down loads of Psalms chanted. I have only used the site today but I can already recommend it. The site belongs to the Lutheran Liturgical Brotherhood Page, but it is somewhat confusing what the page is called since the name on the title bar of the browswer does not match what is written on the page. So you may called it either "Old Testament Canticles and the Entire Psalter with Antiphons" or "Psalm Tones".

Anther site that gives resources to learn to sing the Psalms from a different approach is called "Psalm Singing - Metrical Psalters and Tunes to Sing Psalms" or again double titled "Psalters".

The first website approaches the Psalms as sung by chanting while the second approaches it by putting the Psalm in the form of a hymn tune. My first exposure to singing Scripture was to sing it as a praise and worship song. So guitars and youth leaders singing Psalm 100 was my first exposure to singing the Psalms but I never quit got through the entire book of Psalms doing that. Perhaps someone can show someone who has a whole Psalter set to modern guitar worship music.
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