Saturday, December 20, 2008

Where Are You In Your Spiritual Walk?

Ever notice that a lot of what we read in the Christian media is really about Christian subculture. We do need to know about the rift in the Episcopal church and how churches are using technology. On the other hand, these sorts of topics have replaced real thinking on how we apply the principles taught in the Scripture with dialog about religious trends. Have you noticed that some in the church are really talking about using software marketing style communication. While we should not be against things based on the style, it is often more about style and less about substance. We can be assured there are many blessed exceptions to this rule, but we should be wary of those who seek to tickle our ears for either to benefit their ego or their pocket book. Of course, anything truth discussed with actual substance should transcend style. Use any style of communication that does not alter the message or distract from the message. Where are all our blogs discussing the application of Romans 8:28? We would rather discuss the latest trend in the Christian ghetto.

When we talk about our walk with the Lord, we are touching upon the eternal touching the here and now. If we talk about the latest song on the CCM charts, we may be discussing on the mundane.

By the way, I am rethinking my life.
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