Saturday, August 02, 2008

Moving from Snail's Pace to a Turtle's Pace

I have been in seminary for over 12 years off and on. I have thought that going to seminary should be done with real ministry going on so that the education is connected to the real world. However, taking one class at a time most semesters has meant progress toward my degree has been at a snails pace. My boss at my day job mentioned last week his plans for my departure after I graduate from seminary. It sort of got me thinking, I certainly am not making the progress that I had envisioned. I am over half way to my degree but at the rate of one class per semester, I still five years from finishing. I have prayed about it and I am cutting back on ministry and diving into more studies. Okay, I still can not take but perhaps two to three classes per semester, but that will speed things up to twice the rate as before. That will move me from snail's pace to turtle's pace. I was praying about this and a brother at the church called to encourage me. I have had that happen very infrequently. I believe God providentially had him call. This phone call helped me with the decision.

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